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2.8 inch resistive touch screen

2.8 inch resistive touch screen
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Concept: The serial TFT screen is composed of three parts: display driver board, outer casing and LCD liquid crystal display; a set of display schemes by single-chip microcomputer or PLC with controller, the communication part in the display scheme is serial communication, UART serial screen or SPI serial port Wait

2.8" TFT serial screen 240*320 resolution, with RTP, is called the more streamlined serial screen solution in history. The picture and its library information are in the SD Card. It can be used with the host computer software (UI_Editor/UartTFT_Tool), directly in The UI display interface development of the product on the computer not only improves the display efficiency, but also greatly shortens the development cycle of the TFT display function. The built-in serial command function of the product includes picture display, GIF animation display, cycle picture display, startup screen display, progress bar display. , text string display, and geometric display such as drawing lines, drawing circles, drawing triangles, drawing rectangles, etc. This product is very suitable for electronic products, such as all kinds of small household appliances, smart appliances, industrial control panels, electronic instruments, Medical equipment, small testing equipment and other products.

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