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5.0 inch TFT serial screen

5.0 inch TFT serial screen
Product Details

5.0" TFT serial screen 800*480 resolution, with CTP, IPS perspective industrial grade display, chip integrated on FPC, to minimize product volume. No. is called the most streamlined serial screen solution in history.

The serial port screen is composed of three parts: display driver board, outer casing and LCD liquid crystal display; a set of display schemes by single chip microcomputer or PLC with controller, the communication part in the display scheme is serial port communication, UART serial port display module or SPI serial port, etc.

This product is an IOT-type configuration serial screen. The HMI serial display product description is as follows:

1. Using 32-bit processor to greatly optimize BOM cost, suitable for high-quality, cost-conscious user groups

2. Support JPEG picture compression, storage capacity upgrade to 128Mbit, meeting 90% of user needs;

3. Use BOE / Innolux / Han Cai large plate glass cutting (for market out of stock switching, no additional notice), ordinary brightness;

4. Has a large number of configuration controls and MINIC scripts, the picture text refreshes quickly. Does not support video, similar to Android special effects display requirements

5. Industrial grade standard, ESD contact 4KV, air 8KV. "

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