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5.0 inch TFT serial port SPI screen

5.0 inch TFT serial port SPI screen
Product Details

5.0" TFT serial port SPI screen 800*480 resolution, IPS perspective industrial grade display, chip integrated on FPC, to minimize the size of the product. Only need a very cheap microcontroller to drive the color screen solution, the system architecture It will not have any effect. The speed is super fast, the boot is obvious, there is no delay, the speed is super fast, and the screen can be cut quickly. It is very suitable for users of 8-bit single-chip microcomputer or 4-bit single-chip microcomputer. Customers do not have to upgrade MCU for TFT screen. The controller is powerful and the display function is very suitable. It is very suitable for all kinds of smart home appliances, steam locomotive dashboard, industrial control, electronic instruments, medical equipment, human-machine interface, testing equipment and other products.

The SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) bus system is a synchronous serial peripheral interface that allows the MCU to communicate with various peripheral devices in a serial manner to exchange information. The SPI bus can be directly connected to a variety of standard peripheral devices produced by various manufacturers. The HDMI industrial touch screen includes FLASHRAM, network controller, LCD display driver, A/D converter and MCU. The interface typically uses four lines: a serial clock line (SCLK), a master input/slave output data line MISO, a master output/slave input data line MOSI, and an active low slave select line NSS.

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