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What are the advantages of the TFT liquid crystal display module?
Edit:Shenzhen Koroli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-11-07

1. Zero radiation, no flicker

The TFT liquid crystal display module uses cathode cathode tube imaging, and the electron beam contained therein generates a lot of static electricity and radiation when moving, and the faster the operation speed of the electron beam, the greater the radiation, the long-term use of the human body, the eyes and the skin It constitutes a hazard and constitutes problems such as myopia and skin irritation. Since the liquid crystal display uses liquid crystal data, it is not necessary to use an electron beam during operation, so there is no problem that both static electricity and radiation affect vision. In other cases, the composition of a picture of the TFT liquid crystal display module is formed by horizontal scanning. As long as the scanning frequency reaches a certain value, there is no display phenomenon, and the liquid crystal display does not require any scanning process, and one picture is almost simultaneously formed. Even if the rewriting frequency is very low, there will be no display

2. Power consumption is small, anti-interference can be strong

In addition to circuit and display power consumption, TFT liquid crystal display module also has power consumption of display screen , while liquid crystal display mainly consumes backlight and circuit power, and its display power consumption is negligible, like EMC's 15-inch. The display BM-568 consumes only 35 watts, which is nearly 50% less than the same display area. Others, because the liquid crystal display does not use the picture tube and the electron gun to image like the TFT liquid crystal display module, it does not need to consider the high radiation effect caused by the electron beam emitted from the electron gun, and only the backlight emitted by the fluorescent tube obtains the brightness, so Stronger anti-interference ability, even in the environment where the light is concentrated, it will be a good display .

Third, the picture quality is higher

The traditional TFT liquid crystal display module adopts the analog display method, and the signal output of the display card adopts the analog output method, which may cause the image to be lost during the transfer process, resulting in a decline in the picture quality, and the signal transmission of the liquid crystal display selects the number. The method is to input the number of unclear signals directly from the graphics card, and it will not constitute the loss of the signal. However, most LCD monitors still use the VGA interface for the display -like display . As long as a few manufacturers such as EMC, Samsung, ACER set up digital video. Signal interface.

Fourth, the use of functions is more intelligent

Due to the different materials and skills selected by the liquid crystal display , some of its parameters are generally fixed, which requires the display of the function of the display to be more intelligent. In this respect, each manufacturer has its own sophisticated skills, and the total It is said that there are two main types. One is to automatically adjust and set the function. As long as one parameter is scheduled, the other parameters are automatically adjusted to the corresponding values, and the values are numerical values to ensure the display effect. The other one is to use the one-button rehabilitation function, that is, pre-fabricating one button, and all the parameters can be changed back to the factory reservation setting by simply pressing one button.