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HDMI industrial touch screen application advantages
Edit:Shenzhen Koroli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-11-07

First, there is a transparent positioning system.

Since it is a touch, it must be a transparent positioning system. Only transparent, it has strong selectivity and directionality. This technology must solve the transparency problem through material technology, such as some digital products, elevator switches, electronic writing boards. Strictly speaking, it does not touch the display.

Second, no cursor is required.

HDMI industrial touch screen is equivalent to a coordinate, which is where the finger touches, eliminating the need to find the target position, and our commonly used mouse is a relatively positioned system. As we all know, HDMI industrial touch screen has abandoned the traditional meaning. The cursor on the cursor, because the cursor can only play the role of relative positioning, the operation does not have accuracy and flexibility, the premise that the target positioning object is slightly replaced or converted in a wide range is that the current position must be clarified first. For example, we have paid the fees in the bank. After we have paid the electricity bill, we have to withdraw from the electricity bill and then withdraw from the life payment terminal before we can continue to pay the traffic violation fine. Only by “direction” operation can we successfully complete the payment; HDMI industrial touch screen, these unnecessary operations are not necessary, so work directly.

Third, sensing finger movements.

The industry's better HDMI industrial touch screen manufacturers are making a big fuss in this section. We know that the HDMI industrial touch screen judges the position of the finger by sensing the touch action of the finger, and then issues accurate instructions, which greatly improves the work efficiency, and “getting it right” is one step. At present, the quotations of various HDMI industrial touch screen manufacturers are constantly decreasing, but the technology around "detecting finger touch" is constantly improving.

We can completely regard the HDMI industrial touch screen as an improvement in the field of industrial automation, which will surely play an increasingly important role in improving and improving industrial quality and industrial performance. The HDMI industrial touch screen will also be in the Automation equipment, manufacturing, defense, power, health, and public utilities have shined.