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The development trend of serial TFT screen
Edit:Shenzhen Koroli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-11-07

China is a market with a large demand for serial TFT screens in the world, but it is not a market with a particularly high sales of global serial TFT screen products. This shows that low-end serial TFT screen users have a large share in China. In recent years, the rapid development of national brands, adopting low-price and other strategies, is aggressively attacking the low-end market, and has occupied the dominant position of the low-end market in China, and has won the recognition of the majority of users. International brands are also gradually developing their economic products to capture the share of the low-end market. Therefore, due to the steady and steady operation in the low-end market, the overall performance of domestic serial TFT TFT manufacturers has shown a rapid growth.

The future development trend of serial TFT screen

Some machinery industries, such as machine tools, textile machinery, electronic equipment and other industries, have developed in China for decades. They are relatively mature industries. In the long run, these industries still have equipment upgrades. demand. In this upgrade process, there are indeed some small manufacturers that have been using relatively low-end products, but many companies have repositioned their needs during the equipment update process to find those that can meet their development plans. Equipment suppliers that help them improve their productivity.

In view of this demand, the change of the serial TFT screen will change in shape, concept, application and other aspects, which will bring about the revolution of the core technology of the industrial computer. Generally speaking, the future development trend of serial TFT screens is six modernizations: platform embedding, brand nationalization, equipment intelligence, interface fashion, communication network and energy saving and environmental protection.

To sum up: In the premise of China's manufacturing 2025, industrial reform is inevitable, and the future development trend must be more intelligent, accurate, convenient and time-saving, whether it is small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises or regions. They must follow the footsteps of the times so that they can not be eliminated.