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HDMI industrial touch screen manufacturers talk about the human-machine interface you don't know
Edit:Shenzhen Koroli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-11-07

HDMI industrial touch screen manufacturers tell everyone what is the difference between the human-machine interface and the "touch screen" that people often say?

Strictly speaking, there is a fundamental difference between the two. Because the "touch screen" is only the hardware part that may be used in the human interface product, it is an input device that is installed at the front end of the display instead of the mouse and keyboard functions.

The human interface product is a human-computer interaction device that includes hardware and software. In the industry, people who have touch input functions are often referred to as "touch screens", but this is unscientific.

What is the difference between the HMI and the configuration software?

Man-machine interface products, often referred to as "touch screen", contain HMI hardware and corresponding dedicated screen configuration software. Under normal circumstances, different manufacturers' HMI hardware uses different screen configuration software, and the main equipment type connected is PLC. .

The configuration software is a general-purpose tool software product running on the PC hardware platform and the Windows operating system. It can also form an HMI product together with a PC or an industrial computer. The general configuration software supports a wide variety of devices, such as various PLCs. , PC board, instrument, inverter, module and other equipment, and because of the powerful performance of the PC hardware platform (mainly in the speed and storage capacity), the general configuration software is also much more powerful, suitable for large-scale monitoring systems in.

Can the HMI be connected to other devices only through the standard serial communication port?

This is the case in most cases. However, with the development of computer and digital circuit technology, the interface capability of human-machine interface products is getting stronger and stronger. In addition to the traditional serial communication interface, some human-machine interface products have network interfaces, parallel ports, USB ports and other data interfaces, which can be connected with industrial control devices with interfaces such as network ports, parallel ports, and USB ports. Human-machine interaction of the device.