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HDMI industrial touch screen requirements
Edit:Shenzhen Koroli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-11-07

What are the design requirements for HDMI industrial touch screen customization?

The appearance of the HDMI industrial touch screen can be considered by backlight, brightness, visual viewpoint, etc. Of course, when customizing the contact with the LCD screen, we will check the following information with the customer, such as the size and voltage of the contact LCD screen. Contact the type of LCD screen, color, COM number, bias ratio, operating temperature and so on. At the time of application, if the contact with the LCD screen pin cannot be inserted, it is definitely that the hole of the screen and the hole of the PCB are asymmetrical, or the hole is too small, etc.; of course, after production, we will determine that these problems do not exist. Provided to customers for use. Of course, other aspects of the impact are also considered.

At the time of use, when not pressed, the product touch screen manipulator is in the form of waiting for abort (here waiting for INT_TC to abort), and once it is pressed, INT_TC abort occurs, then in the abort handler, enable it One of the following two transformation forms: one is a separate x/y axis coordinate transformation form, and the other is a continuous x/y axis transformation form; this manifestation is also very good, of course it is applied to many It is used in the control table of electronic equipment and mechanical equipment, and its appearance is of course very good!

The use of intelligent touch screens, in the overall mix, with the development of product diversification, so in the style, the needs of comprehensive consideration, according to actual needs, this is a very good choice!

The company has a strong technical team, 8 existing research and development personnel, basically undergraduate or above, and many cooperative research experts (authoritative experts in this industry). The R&D team has long been concerned about the new development trend of the LCD display industry, and has insight into the changes in the market and customer needs; actively innovating, continuously applying advanced technology to product development and production, effectively supporting enterprise customers to obtain market opportunities for terminal products. And can provide tailor-made LCD control solutions at any time according to changes in market and user needs.