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HDMI industrial touch screen knowledge
Edit:Shenzhen Koroli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-11-07

Let's talk about the knowledge of HDMI industrial touch screen

As we all know, HDMI industrial touch screens are generally required as industrial controllers, while HDMI industrial touch screens, like ordinary computers, require memory as temporary storage. Does memory have an impact on the speed of HDMI industrial touch screens? The field of work requires HDMI industrial touch screen to be dust-proof and smoke-proof. What do HDMI industrial touch screens need to do to achieve this effect? Today, Shenzhen Koroli Electronic Technology will explain some of the knowledge about HDMI industrial touch screens. I hope this article about HDMI industrial touch screens Everyone is helpful.

First, anti-smoke water vapor function

A standard HDMI industrial touch screen, with the basic functions of dustproof, smoke and moisture, must work on the appearance of the HDMI industrial touch screen. The appearance of HDMI industrial touch screen is composed of casing (large-area heat-dissipating aluminum profile fin design) + front and rear interface baffle (stainless steel material machining process) + bottom plate (stainless steel material machining process, argon arc welding seamless welding) . Some reserved IO interface holes are for the interface on the motherboard;

In the design of the casing, aluminum is generally used in a half-melting state, one-time stamping molding, and the machining process is used in the later hole position, which is convenient to lock the screw. The design of the machine pot is guaranteed by heat dissipation, and the second is that the design is sturdy and precise, and the front and rear bottom baffles can be assembled quickly and seamlessly. So as to achieve dust, smoke and water vapor and other functions.

Second, the memory factor

Memory is one of the important components in the HDMI industrial touch screen, it is a bridge to communicate with the central processor. All programs in the HDMI industrial touch screen operate in memory, so the performance of the memory has a great impact on the computer. As a temporary warehouse, the memory is responsible for the temporary operation. Like we open a document, when inputting, it is through the memory to allocate temporary storage, after the memory, Ctrl+S and then to the storage hard disk;

Therefore, the size of the memory has a great impact on the HDMI industrial touch screen. Some do consume more memory when doing large computing operations. If there is not enough memory due to insufficient memory, there is no way to store it, but the memory of the HDMI industrial touch screen is not as large as possible. Memory is just a storage capability. The specific computing memory and CPU and motherboard are closely related.