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The development trend of serial screen
Edit:Shenzhen Koroli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-11-07

Is there a device with communication function that can be connected to the serial screen product?

It should be like this. Because the universal serial port screen products provide a large number of common device communication drivers to choose from; in general, as long as the communication driver corresponding to the connected device is selected in the screen configuration software of the serial screen, it can be completed. Communication connection between the HMI and the device.

If there is no communication driver to be connected to the configuration software of the selected HMI product, the user can inform the manufacturer of the HMI product of the communication port type and protocol content of the device to be connected, and ask the HMI manufacturer to compile the communication driver of the device. program.

PC plus display, can communicate directly with the PLC to complete the HMI function?

of course can. However, the PC must also compile the corresponding configuration software to make the PC a true HMI product.

What is the development trend of serial screens in the future?

With the development of digital circuits and computer technology, the future high-, medium-, and low-level division of serial port products will become less and less obvious, and the functions of HMI will become more and more abundant; HMI products of 5.7 inches or more will All are color displays and the life of the screen will be longer.

Due to the reduction of computer hardware costs, HMI products will be based on tablet PCs as the high-end products of HMI hardware, because of the high-end products in terms of processor speed, storage capacity, type and number of communication interfaces, networking capabilities, and software resource sharing. Both have great advantages and are the development direction of future HMI products. Of course, small-sized (display size less than 5.7-inch) HMI products, due to their advantages in size and price, with the further enhancement of their functions (such as increased IO function), human-computer interaction in small mechanical devices Widely used in applications.