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Teach you to judge the pros and cons of TFT liquid crystal display module
Edit:Shenzhen Koroli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-11-07

Nowadays, there are many kinds of TFT liquid crystal display modules on the market. How can we judge the quality of TFT liquid crystal display modules? The following is the specific introduction:

The TFT liquid crystal display module is good or bad. There is an important criterion for the LCD screen: that is the number of "bright spots". What is the highlight? It is a pixel that continues to illuminate and does not accept the extinction signal on the LCD screen. It is also called the "bad point" in the line. The highlights are generally not easy to detect, and must be carefully viewed under the black screen of the TFT liquid crystal display module. In fact, in the process of making LCD panels, the excellent rate can not be achieved. Therefore, there will be a bright spot problem at the factory.

How to judge the effect of TFT liquid crystal display module? This is a common question of many consumers. In the selection, no matter how beautiful the TFT liquid crystal display module manufacturers say, the technical indicators and the actual performance of the screen are often different, so we still have to be "seeing is believing" is important.

For some buyers who don't have much expertise in industrial touch display products, the simpler way is that after seeing the picture, the picture is very comfortable, which is a good function. If you just start to look at it and you feel that the picture is blurred, the font is unclear, and the eyes are uncomfortable, the quality is definitely not good, and you need to think twice when buying!

If you want to very professionally separate the TFT LCD module, there are still many processes, such as brightness and contrast, highlights, high and low temperature, service life, visual viewpoint and other aspects of analysis can get a correct conclusion! The optional TFT LCD module does not only look at the appearance, but also introduces how to choose the industrial display.