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Solution for the failure of the serial display
Edit:Shenzhen Koroli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-11-07

Common troubleshooting methods for serial display :

First, the serial display does not respond, and there is no response according to any part of the contact.


First check whether the wiring interface is loose, and then check whether the serial port and the interrupt number are in conflict. If it is caused by conflict, adjust the resources to avoid the conflict.

Secondly, check whether there is any crack on the exterior of the industrial control serial display. If any cracks are found, they should be replaced in time. In addition, you need to check the Wince industrial control serial port display for dirt, if any, use a soft cloth to remove. Investigate to see if the indicator light on the control box is working properly. When it is normal, the indicator light is green and shines.

If the above parts are normal, you can use the replacement method to view the industrial serial port display, replace the control box, replace it, and then replace the host.

Second, the serial port display is normal but the computer can not operate (after the host is connected, the computer can not operate)


According to the reasons for the analysis: First, it may be that the industrial control serial port display driver version is too low, and the device needs to be relatively new. Second, it may be that the industrial control serial port display control card receives the operation signal before the host starts loading the industrial control serial port display driver, and then restarts the computer only after the power is turned off again.

Third, contact ban: an external sound wave industrial control serial display, with the finger touch the display screen part can not complete the corresponding operation.


According to the reasons for the analysis: First, it may be that the reflection stripe of the sound wave screen is slightly damaged. If this situation is encountered, it will not be completely repaired. Second, it may be the sound wave Wince industrial tablet touch screen after using for a period of time, the screen The surrounding reflective strips are covered with dust. Wipe with a dry soft cloth, then power off, restart the computer and recalibrate.

The above is a brief introduction to the common troubleshooting methods of industrial control serial display. Taojingchi Electronics specializes in serial port display customization, providing serial display, commercial display serial display and different size customization. In the LCD commercial display equipment and plans, we will continue to be smart and new, and keep up with the times.