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What are the characteristics of the TFT liquid crystal display module?
Edit:Shenzhen Koroli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-11-07

First, high reliability and good stability

The high-brightness liquid crystal substrate of the TFT liquid crystal display module is processed by a unique technique. The ordinary TV screen has the characteristics of industrial-grade liquid crystal screen, high reliability, good stability, and is suitable for working in a harsh environment.

Second, high efficiency and energy saving, long service life

The TFT liquid crystal display module uses an imported aluminum substrate, and the ability to absorb and dissipate heat with great efficiency makes the light decay of the LED lamp lower. The effect of backlight heat on the liquid crystal substrate is lowered to achieve energy saving, long life, energy saving, and the product is lighter and thinner.

Third, intelligent control and better display effect

The high-brightness TFT liquid crystal display module is equipped with a light-sensing automatic controller, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen according to the surrounding environment, so that the screen image achieves a better visual effect, and at the same time achieves energy saving and extremely low aging of the product components.

Fourth, ultra high dynamic contrast

The TFT liquid crystal display module has ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio, the color display is more saturated and gorgeous, the visual effect is more stereoscopic, the ultra-fast response time, the unique black field insertion and backlight scanning technology enhance the visual performance under the dynamic picture.

Five, excellent wide temperature working characteristics

The TFT liquid crystal display module can meet the requirements of fast display and clear image display in low temperature environment, and operates around the clock in natural environment temperature, which is very suitable for outdoor display requirements.

Six, a wide range of applications

TFT liquid crystal display module has a wide range of applications, such as public transportation, subway, airport, shopping mall, security monitoring, command and dispatch center, exhibition center display system, multimedia teaching, government units, school studio, video conference system, multi-function display Halls, entertainment venues, restaurants, publicity displays, brand store image display, TV stations, corporate exhibition halls, etc.