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How to maintain the serial TFT screen?
Edit:Shenzhen Koroli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-11-07

We all know that the newly purchased serial TFT screen will be affixed with a transparent protective film. Do not tear it off before assembly, so as not to scratch the appearance of the serial TFT screen. When the protective film is torn off, the serial TFT screen will display a bright line or other abnormal display. This is caused by static electricity when the protective film is torn off. After a few seconds of standing, the abnormal display will be automatically eliminated, and it can be used normally.

Moisture can be described as the "natural enemy" of the serial TFT screen. In addition to avoiding drinking beverages and eating fruits on the serial TFT screen, you should also be careful not to store the machine in a humid place. Serious moisture will damage the internal components of the LCD screen. . It is very worth noting that in winter and summer, when entering or leaving a room with heating or air conditioning, a large temperature difference will also cause "condensation", and the user may electrify the LCD at this time, which may cause corrosion of the liquid crystal electrode, causing sex. Damage. For this reason we also recommend that your ambient temperature change should not be greater than 10 ° C / 10 min. Once the screen is in the water, if it is only found that the surface of the screen is foggy before starting the machine, gently wipe it off with a soft cloth and turn it on. If moisture has entered the LCD, the LCD should be placed in a warmer place, such as under a desk lamp, to gradually evaporate the water inside. In the rainy season, everyone should also pay attention to the regular operation of the serial TFT screen for a period of time, in order to heat the components to disperse the moisture, but also put a small package of moisture-proof agent in the package of the serial TFT screen to create a good place for it.

For screen maintenance, in addition to paying attention to the above problems, the life of the serial TFT screen is still much shorter than that of the CRT, and its aging speed is much faster, so we need to pay special attention when we usually use it. For example, when it is inconvenient to use for a long time, the habit of going to the screen reduces unnecessary screen loss. In addition, delay the serial port TFT screen aging should also pay attention to avoid strong sunlight for a long time straight screen, try to use moderate brightness / contrast, reduce long-term display fixed pattern (to avoid excessive local aging). After that, it is usually necessary to wipe the screen with a special soft brush, glasses cloth, ear balls, etc. If necessary, you can use isopropyl alcohol, alcohol alcohol or a little water to clean the surface stains. These tips are very good for serial TFT screens.